CD-R King PU401 USB Gamepad

CD-R King has been known here in the Philippines as one of the most illustrious hardware and gadgets shop. From USB players, adapters and connectors, to speakers and PC peripherals, they must have one of the widest collections available. And among these gadgets are gaming accessories may it be for the PC or for a gaming console. The CD-R King PU401 USB Gamepad is probably the favorite among the PC gamepads and let me show you the reasons why.
First of all, the gamepad is for USB connections only and is designed to be used on the PC alone. But don’t worry about connecting it to your PC for the first time as it is very easy to set up. Just plug it in and play it. It comes with its own drivers and can easily be set up using the game controller section of your control panel.

Looking at it for the first time, you’ll immediately think of the Playstation 2 controller which is probably among the best game controllers. And the PU401 controller is a shy away from the ergonomic design of the Playstation 2 controller. It has the directional pad, 2 analog sticks, the 4 main action buttons upfront on the right side, and 4 wing buttons. It also has vibration function for more interactive gaming. If you’re familiar with the PS2 controller, the PU401 gamepad won’t be a stranger to you. We think anyone that knows about will understand the PU401.

Just think of it as the Triangle, Square, Circle, X buttons and the L1, L2, L3, and L4 buttons. You can also press the analog sticks for L3 and R3. Also, the cable is quite long so you can have room to tangle the wire among your other PC peripherals if needed and still have some room to spare.

One major concern for gamers is the response time of the controller. Will it respond quickly to your button presses? This gamepad is no exception. It responds to your commands very quickly and buttons presses will be directed to your PC and your games with great accuracy. Even the analog sticks are accurate when you slightly tilt them at any direction. But of course, it will also depend on the software or game that you are using. Overall, it won’t disappoint when it comes to actual gaming performance. You’ll definitely have a smooth gameplay.

As for the price, it’s priced at a measly $4.50 or so (200 Pesos) so that’s definitely a bang for the buck. And as for its durability, it’s quite stable and doesn’t get loose after long term use.

Overall, the CD-R King PU401 Gamepad is a very good controller at its price. Durable, dependable, and quite comfortable, this gamepad will give you a very good gaming experience. True enough, it may not have extra features like turbo buttons and a more advanced rumble function like branded controllers, but as a basic controller, it’s definitely a top pick.

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