Rally for Religious Freedom OKC

June 23, 2012 -- 1 to 4 PM
at the Cox Convention Center

The Rally for Religious Freedom OKC was a great
success. Christians of many denominations gathered
at the Cox Convention Center on Saturday, June 23,
2012 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. to defend religious
freedom! A number of inspiring speakers addressed
religious liberty, why it is so important to our country,
how it is under threat today and what we can do
about it. Speakers include Archbishop Paul S.
Coakley, Pastor Frank Cargill, Pastor Ronnie W.
Rogers, Dr. James Taylor, Congressman James
Lankford, Representative Rebecca Hamilton, Attorney
General Scott Pruitt, Prof. Michael Scaperlanda, Prof.
Teresa Collett, William Federer, Stephen Ray. The
lively crowd was treated to the debut of the
non-denominational version of the Test of Fire video,
as well as the trailer for the upcoming movie Last
Ounce of Courage, set to release on Sept. 14, 2012.
Patriotic music was provided by Mountain Smoke.

See the Story in the Daily Oklahoman:

- Catholics, Protestants rally in Oklahoma City for
religious freedom

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Fortnight for Freedom Opening Mass
Mass was celebrated Friday June 22nd at 6:00 PM in
the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
Archbishop Paul S. Coakley was the principal
celebrant with about a dozen priests and a full
congregation. This day was the Feast of St. Thomas
More and St. John Fisher

Parish Freedom Events
June 21 - July 4, 2012
Check your local bulletin for events at your parish.
The Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
(USCCB) have called for a “Fortnight for Freedom,” a 14-day period of prayer, education
and action in support of religious freedom, from June 21-July 4. This page gives details
about the events scheduled in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City in response to this call.
Fortnight for Freedom OKC
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