The official Midwest Beard and Moustache Club shop is open for business. I have a nice selection of T-shirts (guys and gals) and a polo shirt featuring original artwork. Please help support the MBMC and show the world your love for beards and moustaches. You can visit the shop by clicking the shop link toward the top of the page – or click here: MBMC Shop


Forums Are Back Up


Over the past several months the MBMC forums were spammed with spam-bots on a daily basis. I was receiving an average of 400 spam-bot registrations per day. This made it impossible for me discern real accounts from spam accounts and thus the forums were essentially down. I have integrated a new tool that will now prevent bots from registering. Hopefully the forum activity will resume accordingly. Thank you for your patience while I figured out a way to get this issue resolved

‘Staches For Freedom

I recently received the following e-mail: “I would just like to take a few minutes out of your busy day to thank you for being there for all of us out here, I am a soldier in the United States Army and I am currently deployed in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. I am part of the 2-17th Calvary and we wear what we call Cav Stashes, and we would like to become part of the Club. we still have a long time on the deployment and would deeply appreciate to have this opportunity. Thanks again- Jonathan League from


We here at MBMC are deeply honored to receive this request. I would personally like to thank the fine servicemen of the 2-17th Calvary for their service to our country and to freedom and democracy the world over.


Thank you Jonathan League, Drew Herzberg, Anthony Sims, Christopher Hott, Franklin Cuarisma, Bruce Cain, Travis Allen, Ronald Roberts, and Brian Bracken.

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