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It’s important to you and your customers to have a website that works.  It’s also important to make sure your site works across every device, computer, phone and tablet.

I make sure your site and your content works and functions well across all of these platforms. I do not buy any templates and edit them and pass them off as your website. I write every single line of code from start to finish, custom tailored specifically for you and your needs. Your website will be easy to manage and maintain, and will be free of any bugs or issues when finalized. Having a clean and well-maintained website is essential for natural growth and a happy audience.

I am obsessed with writing clean code.  I make sure your website is SEO ready, fast, friendly and functional, all while maintaining a minimal code-base and platform. This saves you bandwidth, time and money. An example would a running shoe website like Swift Runners. It is based on providing running shoe reviews and is made in detail to follow the best SEO practices for best ranking. For more one the best running shoes for men click here for Swift Runners. This website uses some SEO plugins and clean code so that it can rank for the “best running shoes for men” which is what you should be doing.


Pixel perfect design, and one pixel can make all the difference. You have an idea and you want it translated into clean, modern design.   I have spent years honing my skills and sharpening my pencils to do make sure your vision comes to life exactly as you intended it.

From print, to web, I make sure your designs are both custom and proprietary.  Each design is painstakingly crafted to the very pixel to be exacting and precise. Your presence is everything and I make sure that it’s everything it should be.

I won’t ever use clip art, or free images found online.  I will make sure each design element is crafted to suit the individual characteristics of your business, company, organization and more.  A solid branding goes a long way.  This saves you time, money and overhead.


We started cranking out some pretty awesome websites together.  We focus on modern functional websites that are easily scalable, manageable, user friendly and intuitive.

We want to make sure that your experience with us is both fun, and relaxed.  We’ll never pressure you for unwanted up-sells, additions and add-ons, or anything extra that you may not even need. In fact, we try hard to streamline your content into an easy to use package that is free of bloat and fluff.

It’s not our job to nickel and dime our customers to death, it’s our job to deliver an extremely powerful online presence with value. Your customers will be in awe with a custom, Two Dudes With Beards website.

By saving time and money, you can:

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